Quality Adirondack Chairs

Made in The USA to withstand years of Summertime service

Bringing you some of the most comfortable, high quality Outdoor furniture ever made!

possibly the most recognizable pieces in outdoor seating arrangements all over the world, and known by many names such as the”Cape Cod” or the “Muskoka” chair.  we’ll pay homage to its local roots, and the most popular, and arguably correct name – the Adirondack Chair.


Originating in 1903, in the nearby town of Westport, NY, Thomas Lee created the “Westport Plank” Chair for the sole purpose of relaxation for his family.  in the 100+ summers since his design has went through many design changes, but its wide flat arms and sloping back elements remain true.  You can find these chairs built by craftspeople all over the world and exist everywhere sunsets happen. The chairs we chosen to bring to you are built in this rich  heritage by artisans in North Carolina – “the furniture belt of the USA.”  The irony of bringing Adirondack chairs up from NC is not lost on us, but that decision we made for many reasons.
Here are a few:
Manufactured for over 26 years by the same family run furniture business, our chairs are built from only #1 Premium, knot-free, Southern Yellow Pine that has been “salt treated” and then completely dried to provide years of lasting service free from rot and pests.  Our unfinished “Natural” furnishings will age to an elegant silvery gray color while our painted series chairs are all coated with multiple coats of a  premium, commercial grade smooth satin finish that provides years of fade free color.  Of course the hardware used is also corrosion resistant, and the chairs themselves have seen years of use in some the harshest environments ( think salt water, snow & ice, maybe even a hurricane or two).  These chairs are super sturdy, and therefore slightly heavier than some of the others, which to us mean less picking them up out of the lawn ( or the pool) after a storm, and that you won’t replace them every year like some plastic or even less expensive wooden ones.  in fact you may not replace these chairs for decades.  Yellow pine is also one of the more sustainable wood sources, as opposed to the waste cycle created by those plastic chairs.  Speaking of wood…  we chose wood over the recycled synthetic wood product chairs ( think “trex” decking) after the searing experience of sitting in an chair made out of this product that was in the sun for a while. wood will warm to the touch in the summer sun, the synthetic product continues to heat up the an unbearable temperature, making the chairs unusable until they are cooled down. OUCH!  Most important of all, these chairs just sit right!  The angles, the arms, even the gentle curve all fit just right and make you instantly understand the appeal of the ultimate lawn chair.

Just a few of our In-Stock Chairs