What To Bring!

Some items to make your adventures with us even more enjoyable.
what to bring with you on your kayak or SUP trip
When you use one of our boats we provide the basics of what you will need – the boat, paddle, life jacket, and whistle.  We also have drybags for rent for $2.00/day.

To Make your trip most enjoyable, we recommend you consider these items to bring along.  Remember – you will most likely get wet, and so will your stuff so….

  1. Water,
  2. Food or snacks
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Insect repellent
  5. Towels
  6. dry bag
  7. Change of clothes
  8. Hat
  9. Rain jacket and pants
  10. Watershoes (required) Sandals are not a good choice
  11. Sunglasses with strap
  12. Any medications you may require

Other things you should consider bringing if you can protect them from the water:

  1. Cellphone ( for summoning help if needed)
  2. Camera

You should dress for the weather in quick drying fabrics (not cotton), and keep your skin covered to avoid excessive UV exposure.  Plan to get wet and maybe even a little dirty.